Personal Project Management

The following service is focused mainly on musicians, as this is a field I’m experienced in, but I’m also happy to work with any other topic if you want to work with me.

Are you an artist who wants to take the next step but doesn’t have a manager yet?
Do you need help with defining your goals and making a concrete plan on how to reach them?
Would you like to focus on your creative work instead of all the administrative stuff?

I can absolutely help you with this!

Typical things I will do for you are:

• defining your goals together with you and making a reasonable plan on how to reach them
• breaking the plan down into individual steps
• setting up a timeline depending on your personal situation and how much time you have, setting priorities if necessary
• budget planning
• providing you a weekly/monthly todo list
• monitoring the results and adjusting the plan if necessary
• administrative tasks, like
– doing research for you
– booking gigs
– tour travel planning
– helping you with social media and setting-up your newsletter
– whatever else you might want help with

I also have a good network to support you with things I can’t do myself, like design (CD covers, flyers, posters, T-shirts, etc.), PR or artistic services.