About Me

From a very early age I was interested in many different things – I loved writing and learning languages, as well as solving mathematical problems. I enjoyed music and literature, as well as science.

That’s also why I didn’t stay in one field professionally. While studying computer sciences at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich I was working for the marketing department of Sun Microsystems, becoming an expert in Java and web development while also gaining marketing knowledge.

Later, I started working for BMW in Munich. The 10 years there also led me through many different jobs, from programming production control software to application management, from project management and purchasing to supplier management and logistics planning.

I think the main reason why I successfully made it through all these transitions is I have a strong common sense combined with structured, analytical thinking. I always keep the big goal in mind and don’t waste time to reach it, but I also see the work that has to be done and can just get down to it, step by step.

In 2012, another big transition happened in my life: I was able to fulfill my childhood dream and move to the Bay Area. For the transition phase I was still able to work as a freelance consultant for BMW and some other companies in Germany, but the desire to work with local customers has finally lead to the launch of Marion Wirsig – Your Projects Handled with Ease.

Every day I’m meeting people with great vision, talent and ideas, and I would love to use my broad experience and organizational skills to support those people.

And just in case you’re wondering – my special focus on artists comes from the fact that I’m married to a prolific musician. We’ve worked together on many projects, from running a record label to publishing CDs and working on licensing projects. And I’ve seen that my organizational skills help a lot to move things forward in this field as well.

If you’re interested in a more formal overview of my past career you can see a detailed résumé on my LinkedIn profile.